DS Fun Games:

The motivational program especially for corporate events. Games with a high fun factor in individual or team competition always inspire! A special feature is the individual game development or integration of products and thus the launch of ideas, logos or goals. DS Fun Games can be played indoor and outdoor. Local conditions are integrated. The game is evaluated on the computer, the prices are determined by the customer.

Excerpt from the games program: wheelbarrow race, bow and arrow, barrel rolls, pinball, darts, nailbar, catching ducks, stalking, shooting goal wall, equipment long throw, throwing horseshoes, target throwing games, table football, needle in a haystack, Blowpipe shooting, Carrera racetracks, bullriding, basketball basket throwing and much more.

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Fun Games References (Parts):
Akzo-Nobel, Sparkassen Leasing, Bosch, Hotel Radisson, Agilent technologie, Dr. Willmar Schwabe GmbH & Co.KG,
F&B Nutzfahrtechnik